Real Estate in Belize


Life is good in Belize, and that is what more and more Citizens of the World are finding out every day. Many pay a visit to this intriguing tropical destination, fall in love with its beauty, its beaches, its jungle and its friendly, welcoming people, and find they simply don’t want to leave! 

What many people are deciding now is that living in paradise is no longer a dream, but a reality. Retirees, travelers ready to make a permanent home, families looking for a vacation home, enterprising investors and adventurers looking to expand their horizons are all finding that Belize is the perfect place to relocate and start over in a place where natural beauty abounds and a world of happiness and excitement lie ahead. 
As Owner and Broker at 4Realty, I have seen more and more buyers from all parts of the world making the move, and now couldn’t be a better time to invest in Real Estate in Paradise. In Belize, real estate agents can represent both the buyer and seller, which can lead to unethical practices, but as a member of the National Association of REAL ESTATE, 4Realty, unlike many of the area’s agents, creates an Ethical Environment and ensures Proper Representation for Clients.  That's the benefit of a REALTOR®.
So what do adventurous home buyers find when searching in Belize? Beyond the perfect weather and laid-back style of living, they find a diverse coastal nation about 9,000 square miles with a population of 320,000 (to put things in perspective, Jamaica is half the size with a population over eight times that of Belize). The dollar is pegged at two to one to the American Dollar, so Americans get twice as much for their money, the cost of living is lower, and everyone speaks English. Home prices have not only come down but are negotiable.
The country is home to inland, coastal and island hotspots offering a bounty of nightlife options, upscale dining and resorts, and lately the southern part of the country has been expanding and developing, making it an area to watch!
Furthermore, those looking outside of the typical centers find that there are acres and acres of sprawling land on which to not only build a dream home, but a business as well. There is lots of land and tons of investment opportunities in the area’s natural resources and agriculture— papayas, bananas, citrus, honey, etc.—so those interested in building a home, a resort, a restaurant, or even all of the above can do so, with little competition and maximum potential. In essence, Belize is the ideal frontier to fulfill your dreams, whatever they might be. Now couldn’t be a better time to take hold of your goals and passions, and start fulfilling them. If you’ve ever thought about living in paradise and making the most out of life, look to Belize, a small Caribbean nation nestled in Central America offering a world of potential. 
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Carlo Habet
Belize National Association of REAL ESTATE MLS